Host Your Own 3-21 Foundation Fundraiser

Lemonade/Bake Sale Stand – A classic, fun and easy way to spread some sunshine and raise money for a good cause. No explanation needed here. Cupcakes, brownies and cookies are always winners but consider any portable baked items. Consider asking for permission at a sporting event for a consistent flow of thirsty and hungry customers. To maximize participation, be sure to promote, promote, promote!

Create your own Kids Fun Run – Gather your kids’ friends for a loop around the block. Set the date and time, a start and a finish line and that is all you need!  Some cookies and lemonade at the finish line might be just the incentive you need to get your friends moving. Your friends’ admission fee is then donated to the 3-21 Foundation. This is a great way to promote community and build school spirit.

Collect Unwanted Sporting Equipment – The concept is fun & easy: collect used, unwanted sporting equipment to raise money for the 3-21 Foundation.  Then take your collection to your nearest Play It Again Sports, and they will pay you for your donation!  Kids grow like weeds to Reuse, Recycle and Replay for a good cause.  Whatever they don’t take, you can donate to your nearest Goodwill.

Watch a Game – Host a tailgate for any sporting event and make it a benefit for the 3-21 Foundation. Ask your friends, family and fellow fans to pledge to make a donation every time your favorite team scores!  Or simply charge an admission fee if you choose to host a “tailgating”  party at home offering hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and soft drinks.  Donate all proceeds to support the 3-21 Foundation!

Trivia Night – Test your supporters’ wits with a themed trivia night. Partner with a local restaurant, bar, or coffee shop to have some fun and raise some funds. You can either charge a fee for contestants to enter, or depending on where you host, the venue might be willing to split the night’s F&B proceeds with you as a donation to the 3-21 Foundation. Make sure your questions are catered to the skill level of your crowd and use an emcee who will keep the night light and fun.

Cook-Off – Are you talented in the kitchen or have lots of friends and supporters who love to cook? A cook-off might be the fundraiser for you and you can even host it at your kids’ school. Have participants enter their culinary creations into a contest, judged by event attendees. To vote, ask attendees to deposit a donation in their favorite food’s donation box. At the end of the competition, tally everyone’s donation collections and the chef with the most money wins. Kids can be the chefs or tasters or both!

Shoe Fundraiser – To hold a shoe drive, ask your community to donate their gently used (or even new) shoes to an organization like Funds2Orgs. Funds2Orgs will actually come and pick up the shoes, weigh the shoes, and pay you based on a price per pound. Then they sell the shoes to small business owners in countries such as Honduras and Togo with the goal of encouraging local economic growth. A fundraiser that keeps giving. Plus your kids’ outgrown shoes don’t go to waste!